351 Ukrainian citizens are sheltered in Albania

351 citizens from Ukraine are already in Albania since the start of the war. The figure is confirmed by the Minister of Interior, Bledi Çuçi, who today held a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Tirana, Volodymyr Shkurov.


“Today I had a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Tirana, Volodymyr Shkurov, whom I guaranteed for the support of Albania for the citizens of Ukraine who have come to our country or who may arrive in the future due to the war.


There are currently 351 citizens from Ukraine staying in Albania, who have been granted temporary protection according to the full legal framework we have for asylum.


“Other facilitation measures for their entry and stay will be approved in the future, if necessary, to be close to those who leave the conflict”, said Minister Çuçi.


“Albania is a very significant example when it comes to solidarity and the reception of people in need. “We have witnessed this recently with the Afghans who have taken refuge in our country, and we will also coordinate efforts with other EU countries to be with the people of Ukraine in these difficult times,” said the Interior Minister.


Ukrainian citizens leaving their country can enter Albania without a visa and stay for a period of 1 year without having to obtain a residence permit.

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